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We are proud to present the dawn of a NEW Era,

Natural Aquarium Technology羚nt>



We manufacture and sell aquariums and aquarium-related products, such as algae scrubbers, surgers, lighting, complete EcoSystems, and much more! Click on the picture near the bottom of this page to enter our Website.



Patented equipment and new concepts that are truly revolutionary!

Our unusual Website, and full line of equipment, will show you that,

 The Power Of Nature Makes A Wonderful Difference!羚nt>

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 New!   New!  New!   New!
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Providing Ultimate Aquarium Equipment
To Those Who Simply Want The Best,
Including Thinking Hobbyists
And Qualified Professionals,
Since 1988.

 Most Websites are designed around the attention span of 
 a child. This is probably reasonable since most Websites 
 really don't have anything new or important to say. 

 However, our Website is different! 
 Our Information Package is different! 
 Our Executive Summary
is different!
 And our Hotline Telephone Support is different too! 

 The information provided by these four resources will 
 open your eyes about how you, and everyone 
 else, should be setting-up aquariums.

 In fact, if you do nothing more than carefully
read this page, and the page that follows, you
may find that your whole understanding
about aquariums and the aquarium
industry is changed forever!

 Further, we manufacture and sell a large selection of 
 revolutionary, unique, and patented aquarium 
 equipment. Examples include unique 
 aquariums, filters, lights, Surgers殢sp;
 furniture-quality cabinetry, 
 and much more. 

 We also offer the most technically and aesthetically 
 extreme, complete (or "turn-key") systems that 
 you are ever likely to see. They are called: 


 They are designed for those who simply want
 the best of everything all in one convenient
 and thoughtfully engineered package.

 However, if they are beyond your budget, they are still 
 worth a look since they also serve as an example 
 of what you can create, "step-by-step," 
 using our components over time. 

 The information we make available here, combined with 
 our extensive line of aquarium equipment, can
 Revolutionize the Entire 
 Aquarium Industry! 

 However, our approach and most of our equipment are so 
 different that extensive explanations and descriptions 
 are required. We also have to discuss several 
 industry problems and errors, and even 
 expose some corrupt practices. 

 We also provide helpful information about many topics 
 that don't seem to be addressed very well by others. 
 For example, do you know the special risks of using 
 glass aquariums, especially for reef tanks? And 
 what are the drawbacks of acrylic tanks? 

 Because of all of this, it shouldn't surprise you that
 this Website and our other material will require
 a greater attention span, more reading, and
 more time and thought from you, than
 most other sites you will visit. 

 However, if you can "hang in there," and thoughtfully 
 consider what we have to say, we think you will 
 find that the information presented here is 
 well worth your time and your effort. 

 Also, much of our Website is arranged like an 
 "on-line book." It is usually best if you read each 
 page from top to bottom, and then click on the 
 link provided near the bottom of each page to 
 move forward. This arrangement helps assure 
 that more visitors build their understanding in 
 an orderly fashion that will make sense. 

 We also know our Website is unusual and can be a bit 
 overwhelming. Therefore, we also offer an Information 
 Package that is more traditional in its presentation 
 style. You can download it for free right now, or if 
 you prefer, we will mail a hard copy of it to you. 
Click here for more details about this Package. 

 Further, in case you run out of time (or patience!), we also 
 offer an Executive Summary. 
Links to request a copy 
 of it are provided later, or if you prefer, you can 
 request a copy of it by clicking here now. 

 And, if you prefer to talk to a real live person,
 you can also just give us a call. Click here
 for details about how to contact us.

 Again, thanks for coming and enjoy your visit! 

 "Brevity is ideal for children, the hurried, and fools. 
 Comprehensive information is best for those 
 seeking truth and understanding." 


Website last updated:
March 31, 2005.
Thanks to everyone for all the feedback.
It helps us continually improve our website.
This site is best viewed with Internet Explorer 5 or later
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  • Asking a few QUESTIONS,

  • Describing a few CONDITIONS that exist in the hobby that are unacceptable,

  • And then explaining WHAT WE ARE DOING to make things better.

To get started, here are the

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Question #1

 Is your aquarium equipment 
 slowly poisoning the aquarium 
 animals you are trying to keep alive? 

 Answer #1 

 The answer is YES if you are 
 using a Bacterial Filter! 

In case you are not sure what a "Bacterial Filter" is, examples include Undergravel Filters, "Hang-On" Power Filters, Rotating Bacterial Wheels or "Biowheels," Canister Filters, Wet/Dry Filters, Deep Layers of Sand (with or without plenums), Fluidized-Bed Filters, "Berlin" or Live-Rock Systems (with or without Protein Skimmers), and most other filter systems typically sold by Pet Shops and others.


Our Website and Information Package
will explain in more detail what
Bacterial Filters are, and why they
injure and kill your aquarium
animals over time.


Further, our Website and Information
Package explain how our equipment
stops the craziness of poisoning
the animals you are trying to keep alive.


 Even better, our Website and Information 
 Package explain how our broad line of 
 aquarium equipment will help you create 
 living conditions for your animals 
 that will rival those found in nature! 


Are you skeptical?


 Question #2

 Do you want any of the following: 

  • Superior overall aquarium success?

  • Much less frequent maintenance that is also easier to do?

  • To save money while keeping your aquarium in superior operating condition?

  • A system that isn't like the "gimmicks" or "toys" being sold by many others, but instead is designed to let you keep virtually any amount and type of bioload you want?

  • A system that doesn't use or require any "miracle" or "magical" substance? (Which also means you don't have to constantly buy and replace any "magic mud" or other "miracle goop" either!)

  • A reliable system that will operate without intervention and minimal supervision for very extended periods?

  • A system that is ideal for fresh, marine, or brackish aquariums, including fish-only tanks, planted aquariums, reefs, fish & reef combinations, fish breeding, coral or other invertebrate propagation, and even commercial hatcheries and fish farms.

  • A system that eliminates all unnecessary moving parts, such as dump-buckets and rotating wheels, and that also eliminates other risky designs, such as illuminated sumps, algal vats, poorly-designed refugias, and other antiquated and dangerous devices?

  • A system that is designed to minimize obsolescence, for example, by being modular, expandable, and easy to move if you decide to use it on a new or different tank?

  • A system so reliable, effective, and versatile, it can be used for home aquariums, pet shop systems (whether centralized or not), collectors, importers, transhippers, and even industries unrelated to the aquarium hobby, such as the treatment of landfill effluents, municipal water and waste water treatment facilities, and much more?

  • A natural system based on well-established scientific principles, yet is so revolutionary that it is patented?

  • A proven system that has withstood the test of time?

 Answer #2

 If you desire any or all of the above, 
 we have great news for you. You 
 can have all of these things! 

 Our Website and Information Package will 
 help you learn more. Together they 
 will give you the information you 
 will need to make intelligent choices. 

We strongly encourage you to get a copy
of our Information Package while you are here.
It contains lots of useful information to help you
better understand our equipment, and then
select components best suited to your particular
needs and budget. It will also help you make
better equipment choices, even if you decide
not to use any of our equipment.

Again, you can download our
Information Package for free.

Or, if you prefer, we will
mail a hard copy of the
Package to you.

 Click here to open a new window 
 with details about how to 
 Download or Order our 
 Current Information Package. 

(When finished, close the new windows
to return to this page, and then keep
reading to enter our main Website!)


Together, our Information Package
and our Website will inform you, and
empower you to make good decisions.

Although reading and understanding
our information will take some time
and effort on your part, hobbyists
have told us repeatedly over the years
that it was worth their time and effort.

This is because it is especially important
to make intelligent, informed choices
when it comes to selecting aquarium
equipment, and some of the reasons
for this may not be all that obvious.

Here's just one example.

Many hobbyists don't know or care how their aquarium works. They just do the maintenance they have been told to do (at least at first) and hope things will be okay.

Unfortunately, even when hobbyists attempt to become informed, they face many hurdles. For example, many hobbyists mistakenly believe what many pet shops incorrectly tell them! They are told that a bacterial filter is the best way to filter an aquarium. (If you have heard the old "nitrogen cycle" explanation over and over again, you know what we mean.) Unfortunately, even these pet shops are often unaware that all bacterial filters provide filtration that is artificial, incomplete, inadequate, and outdated!

Even if a hobbyist is correctly informed about new filtration alternatives, they face another hurdle. The hobbyist is often encouraged to buy or use equipment that is cheap, "home-made," badly designed, and often a catastrophe that is just waiting to happen!

Sumps with lights placed over them, algal vats, and poorly-designed refugias are just a few examples of the nonsensical, toy-like, and dangerous equipment that hobbyists must be prepared to encounter. Additional examples of equipment that hobbyists should be wary of  include magic mud systems, deep layers of sand, and rotating algal or bacterial wheels.

Further, many competitors take advantage of the fact that many people don't care about, or are too busy or lazy to learn about, or are simply misinformed about aquarium filtration.

Competitors often do whatever is necessary to make it "easy" for you to buy their equipment. They oversimplify things, offer only a few choices, and sometimes even add some kind of flashy or mystical gimmick to give you the impression their equipment really is a sophisticated, high-tech product.

They don't ask or expect their customers to learn or understand very much. In fact, the less they have to explain how their equipment works, and the fewer choices their customers have to make, the better.

These marketing approaches have worked for many years. The more willing you are to buy a system on unsubstantiated "faith," anecdotal support, or so-called "expert" endorsements, the more comfortable many competitors are.

In the long-term, the result of these approaches is usually a long line of disappointed and frustrated customers, and the company that sold the equipment disappears. In retrospect, when the systems they sold are examined, they make no sense, they are unnecessarily difficult to maintain, they are unreliable if left without intense supervision and constant tinkering, and they are not sustainable over time.

In contrast, we provide lots of information and offer MANY choices! (After all, we are selling life-support systems, not stretch pants!) This provides many advantages, and also allows you to select the best equipment for your particular situation. However, it also means you have to do a little more work to become informed.

The good news is that if you are willing to read and carefully consider our information, you will see our system makes sense. Further, you will be empowered to make better equipment selections, and you will be better prepared to use the equipment when it arrives too.

Next, we describe a couple of
that you should know about.

They diminish the long-term health and
overall integrity of the aquarium industry.

We want to help change them.


Condition #1

 Did you know that most new 
 hobbyists keep an aquarium 

Then they give up!

Those that keep going often put up with systems that create a lot of work, frustration, and expense. 


Further, their fish and other animals silently suffer, sometimes for many years. They are forced to live in aquariums with terrible and unhealthy conditions, such as water with high levels of nitrate and other wastes and contaminates too.


Unfortunately, most hobbyists are unaware of all of this. Some have even been misled into believing that these conditions are acceptable.

 (For example, hobbyists are often told that
high nitrate levels are not harmful!)


Condition #2

 Hobbyists often waste a lot 
 of time and money trying to 
 keep their aquariums going. 


Aquarists often do large water changes. Many constantly buy and use numerous additives, supplements, and other chemicals. Many also have to constantly purchase new aquarium animals to replace those that keep dying.


Unfortunately, most hobbyists are unaware that
the large water changes and the other things
they typically do are inefficient and fairly
ineffective. Sometimes, these things
are even dangerous and harmful.


(For example, water changes are often used
in an effort to slow down the deterioration of
conditions in an aquarium. Not only are they
inefficient, they can also cause major problems!
Want more details? Once inside, download our
Information Package or just give us a call.)


Further, if a system is set up properly, these
things are also totally unnecessary.




We think you will agree that this state
of affairs is totally unacceptable for
both hobbyists and the aquarium
animals they are trying to keep.

They also cause the needless waste
of precious natural resources.


Next, here's a very broad summary of
to make things better for both
aquarium animals and those that keep them.



and PATENTED equipment
that changes everything.

It makes such a difference
that many in the Pet Industry
don't want hobbyists to even
know about it, let alone use it!

In fact, our filtration and
other systems save you
time and money, and
create results that are
more satisfying too!


All of this is discussed inside,
and in our Information Package.



We offer a wide range
of equipment, including complete
systems that will impress even those
with virtually unlimited budgets.
However, you don't have to be a
Rock Star to set up a tank using
our superior equipment.

Further, if you put together a system,
and it seems like you can't afford the
items needed, give us a call. We may
be able to pleasantly surprise you.

Also, to help make our products more
affordable for more people, we are
currently offering the following
 Sales, Discounts, and Other Programs:

  • Factory Direct Sale!
    Thank you for your business and support, and to show our thanks, discounts are available on most of the equipment in our On-Line Store.

 SAVE $$!

Click here for details!

  • Low Price Guarantee!
    Order today and rest assured you are getting a great price for the equipment you want!

Click here to learn more.

  • Payment Plans!
    We offer several plans that may be useful to you.

Once inside, visit our On-Line Store for details.



If you help us spread the word,
by simply referring others to this
Website, you can earn cash
or equipment credit rewards!

Click here for a brief overview
of how this works!


Also, if you think you will be
placing many orders, or if you are
interested in reselling our equipment,
you will want to learn more about our

Independent Sales
Representative Program.

For complete details, just click
on the 
Specials  button that will appear
in the upper right corner once you are inside.



One final thing
before you come in:

We know that some will think the things
we say in our Website sound too good
to be true. Some may think it's just
"hype," or the web equivalent of
an overzealous "infomercial."

However, the things we say on our
Website are true. That's why we back up
what we say with so much conceptual,
background, and explanatory material.

(Some even say we include too much
educational material! Obviously,
we can't please everyone!)

Anyway, the bottom line is that we
would rather be accused of "hype"
than give people less complete
or less accurate information.


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If you have trouble entering or
viewing our Website, click here.


Click here if you would like us to
send you an E-mail copy of our
Executive Summary.

Please Note: 
All photographs on our Website
are of actual aquariums. Unlike
some, we do not use misleading
photos of fish or other animals
taken in lakes, streams, or oceans.

Did you know that there are several URL's that will get you here.
The easiest to remember (and to spell) is probably
Try it on your next visit! Also, watch for details
about our new EcoZone Tanks좲> or "EZtanks汵ot;


Notice: The products depicted or described herein are patented and/or otherwise legally protected. Please support our continuing effort to improve the hobby. If you think someone is copying our products or equipment concepts, please contact our legal department.

Entire website and related materials: 鸸-2005 MMFI. All rights reserved.
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